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Get turned on.

Every time you turn it on.

Presenting the Ford Fiesta - seen by the world for the very first time and designed and engineered globally for India. Take a close look at what makes the Fiesta unmatched in driving dynamics, technology, comfort and styling.

Key Features:
The 1.6 Duratec petrol engine is an all-aluminum alloy construction, 16 Valve DOHC engine with drive-by-wire electronic throttle control for very smooth and most responsive driving experience imaginable. It also comes with an advanced knock sensing technology and twin hole injectors that ensure performance and fuel efficiency.

A high performance petrol that delivers 101 Ps power & 146 Nm torque packing in all the excitement you'll ever need.

Fida Over Performance
Whether you're driving on city roads or highways, the Fiesta's performance is spirited and responsive. The way this car hugs curves and takes off at traffic signals will set your pulse racing.
Comfortable ride
Engineered specifically to adapt to demanding Indian road conditions, the Fiesta combines its high stability with exceptional driving comfort. The suspension is specially tuned to better absorb road surface disturbances and minimize discomfort to passengers.
Fida Over Safety

Structurally engineered to withstand severe collisions, the Fiesta's crash worthiness is verified with over 400 virtual crash simulations.

Optimised steel strength in critical areas along with structural reinforcement, ensures passengers and the driver are unscathed even in a frontal offset collision. So when you drive the Ford Fiesta you can be sure things are as safe as can be.

You won't fall in love with the Ford Fiesta. You’ll Go Fida over it. You’ll long to be within the sophisticated confines of this car built to induce sheer obsession, with its raring to go spirit and powerful styling. With design, engineering and technology inputs from around the world and over 700,000 kms of testing in 9 countries, this is a car built to make you Go Fida.

The car with a brain
The Fiesta's GEM module (Generic Electronic Module) is the equivalent of having a computer managing the car’s engine diagnostics and electrical functions. It comes with GEM sensors that oversee all critical functions.
Fida over Luxury
The Fiesta is quite unmatched when it comes to delivering luxury. Apart from best-in-class front and rear room space, the Fiesta also comes with luxuries that include leather upholstery, 6 CD changer with speakers, power mirrors, hydrographic finish, silver accents on AC vents and steering, leather steering, reading lights and climate control with a variable displacement AC compressor, to name a few. It’s a ride worthy of royalty.
Fida Over Technology

Dura Technology, at the heart of the Fiesta, ensures every drive is exciting, smooth and economical...or DuraVrooom, DuraSmooth and DuraSave, as we call it.

DuraVrooom: A driving experience that's so exciting, it will move you faster than anything else has before.

DuraSmooth: The Fiesta’s petrol and diesel engines are so refined, they are guaranteed to leave you speechless.

DuraSave: Thanks to a combination of unmatched economy and exciting performance, you save on every drop of fuel.

Fida Over Styling
Contemporary automotive design that perfectly combines style and solidity. That's the Fiesta for you. With a powerful grille, a muscular bonnet, flared wheel arches, meaty side panels and ornamental headlamps and tail-lamps, the Fiesta effortlessly mixes brawn with beauty. Get used to heads turning in your direction.

*Indicated price does not include registration,insurance, road tax or other local levies.