35% higher torque, 12% higher power, Higher productivity

     Superior Fuel economy

    New six speed gear box

    Superior engine life and almost nil engine oil consumption

    Extra heavy duty aggregates for better reliability and durability

    Power steering standard

    Factory fitted Sleeper cabin, non-sleeper cabin options

TATA LPS 2515 EX    
: Cement-bulk & bags, containers, tankers, petrochemicals, fertilizers, food grains, coal, timber, edible oil, general goods, autoparts, parcel carriers etc.
: National highways, State highways

Cummins 6BT TCIC B 5.9

Type : Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
No.of Cylinders : 6 Inline
Capacity : 5883cc
Air Filter : Dry type. remote Mounted
Max. Engine Output : 137 HP (100.75 kw)at 2500 rpm
Max. Torque : 50 mkg. (490 Nm) at 1400-1 700 rpm
Fuel Injection Pump : Mico' A'type in-line
Turbocharger type : HOLSET
352 dia. single plate dry friction type
Type : Synchromesh on all forward gears & constantmesh on reverse gear
No.of gears : 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
FRONT AXLE : Heavy duty, Forged I beam, Reverse Elliot Type
: RA 109 RR
Type : Single speed, fully floating axle shafts.
Ratio : 6.857:1 (41/7) or optional 6.8339:1 (41/6)
STEERING : Hydraulic Power Steering 20.2 : 1
FRAME : Ladder type heavy duty frame with rivetted/bolted cross members. Depth-285mm, Width-65mm, Thick-7mm
: Semi-elliptical leaf spring at front & rear Anti-roll bar at front axle only.
Shock Absorbers : Hydraulic double acting telescopic type at front only.
Service Brakes
: Dual circuit full air S-Cam brakes
Parking Brake
: Spring actuated parking brake acting on rear wheels with graduated hand brake valve.
Engine exhaust brake (optional) : Pneumatically operated with foot control valve.
WHEELS &TYRES : 10.00x20-16 PR
Wheel rims
: 7.50x20
No.of wheels
: Front:2, Rear:4, Spare: 1 Dummy:4
FUEL TANK : 350 litres
CAB/COWL : Resiliently mounted full forward sleeper Cowl/New tilt Sleeper cabin & non-Sleeper cabin
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM : 12 Volts, 180 Ah capacity battery, 65 Amps alternator capacity
Max.climbing ability : 14% ( in 1st gear with standard gear box & rear axle restart condition )
Wheel base : 4880 mm
Bare chassis kerb weight : 5750 kgs for cowl, 6085 kgs for non sleeper cab, 6160 kgs for sleeper cab
Max. Permissible GVW : 250000 kgs
Max. Permissible FAW : 6000 kgs
Max. Permissible rear bogie weight : 19000
CAUTION: Do not weld or drill on chassis frame. Accessories shown in the picture or elsewhere do not constitute standard fitment.
The Specifications are subject to change without notice. These are indicative specifications for Reference only.